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The Whythouse is a Canadian urban artist that blends elements of Country, Hip Hop, and Reggae music. This Urban Collective is led by Chris Hale, also known as Plex, an award-winning  artist and producer from Waterloo, Ontario. along with co-producer and musician Khenne Mazze, They have crafted a unique sound that appeals to a wide range of listeners and showcases their versatility and creativity. The Whythouse has released several singles and EPs, such as Breathe, Urban Country, and Fly Away, which have amassed well over 3 million streams on the platforms. The Whythouse is more than just a musical project; it is a lifestyle and a community that invites everyone to join their journey of making feel-good music with heart and soul. Some of the influences that inspire The Whythouse are rap, pop, RnB, reggae, and country music. The group is known for their innovative cross-over tracks that mix different genres and create a fresh and original sound. The Whythouse is also influenced by their own life stories and experiences, which they incorporate into their lyrics and melodies. The group aims to connect with their audience on an emotional level and share their message of positivity and unity. Some of the achievements that The Whythouse have accomplished are winning several awards and nominations for their music, such as The Indie Song Writing Awards for Best Country Duet 2022 - Starz Collide Ft. Jennifer Alvarado , KB Radio - Indie Song Of the Year 2022 for "Let It Roll". They are nominated by The International Singer SongWriters Association for - Album of the Year "The Country Files" as well as Music Video of the Year for their smash hit "Urban Country". The group has also reached the top of numerous indie charts in Canada with their country pop tracks She Said Hi, Starz Collide, Urban Country and Fly Away. The Country Files is a project that showcases The Whythouse’s ability to fuse country music with urban beats and create a new genre that they call Northern Rebel Music. The Whythouse has also gained recognition and support from various media outlets and platforms, such as Fox NewsTunepical and  Certified Bop 

COMING JULY19, 2024 

Full Tank Of Gas - Cover.png

Full Tank of Gas is a captivating country pop anthem that combines infectious melodies with real-life lyrics. Produced by renowned Juno Award winner Dave Murray, this track embodies a feel-good vibe that resonates with all listeners. The song takes its listeners on a journey of youthful love and excitement, evoking the thrill of hitting that open road with a full tank of gas. It celebrates the carefree spirit of embarking on adventures and cherishing moments of pure freedom. With its catchy hook and upbeat tempo,

"Full Tank Of Gas" blends urban country instrumentation with contemporary pop sensibilities. The infectious rhythm and dynamic vocals of The Whythouse create an irresistible energy that uplifts and inspires.

NEW RELEASE : June 14, 2024

Concrete To Dirt.jpg

This is a modern country folk song that explores the emotional journey of leaving city life behind for the tranquility of the countryside. The song captures the essence of a significant life change, where a man moves away from the hustle and bustle of urban living to embrace the simplicity and challenges of rural existence. 

Besure to visit our youtube channel to check out our official Video for Concrete for Dirt

NEW RELEASE: June 1, 2024


We are proud to announce the release of our next single, A powerful southern country gospel song.  "Find It In You" is a heartfelt and inspiring song that explores the themes of faith and spiritual discovery. The song features our trademark crossover appeal and is accompanied by a talented ensemble of Baptist vocalists, creating a rich and harmonious sound that will resonate with all listeners. With its powerful chorus and foot-stomping rhythm, "Find It In You" is a testament to the transformative power of music and the human spirit. The song's message of hope and redemption is sure to resonate with fans of Country, Gospel, and Inspirational music.

NEW RELEASE : April 1st, 2024

Coffee Cover.png

We are back with a new song, produced by Juno award winning musician, artist and producer - Dave Murray

Coffee is now available on all Streaming platforms, be sure to request it at your local

radio station.

Coffee is one of those songs you will hear once and will be singing it all day! 


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